Rescue Dog Dying Of Cancer Starts Filling Out Her Bucket List


Dog abusers are some of the worst people in the world. Anyone who could ever inflict pain or suffering on such a loving and innocent animal certainly deserves to be punished by the fullest extent of the law.

So when the Syracuse Police Department got a tip that there was a dog hidden away inside a crate inside a basement, they knew they had to check it out.

When they opened the door and saw what was inside, they were shocked beyond belief. An emaciated dog and her son stuffed in the basement without food or medicine.

From the looks of her condition, it seems as if she had been inside that crate for years and years of her life. She had never felt a loving human in her entire life, but that was all about to change!

She was rescued from the horrible conditions, and the men who wrecked this dog’s life are facing hefty criminal charges. And as the amazing people at the CNY shelter began to nurse Jada back to health, to prepare her to find a new and loving forever home, they noticed something troubling.

It turned out that Jada was sick, really sick. Jada had an aggressive cancer that had already spread to her lungs, and even the best doctors said she had mere months to live.

While it’s heartbreaking to hear this horrible news, this amazing group of people decided that instead of filling their hearts with despair, they chose to rejoice in Jada finally being free. They began to write up a “bucket list” filled with amazing experiences that every dog deserves to go through before they pass away.

So please, scroll through Jada filling out her bucket list, and keep her and her son in your thoughts and prayers.


When police first found Jada and her son, they were appalled at the horrible conditions she was forced to live in. Police told the local media that Jada certainly would have died in a few days had it not been for the helpful tipster who told the police about the abused animal.


While most dogs hate bath time, Jada couldn’t believe how good the warm water felt. As the vet technicians delicately cleaned her bruised body, this beautiful dog found herself in utter bliss.


Happy, warm, safe, and well-fed, it was time to find Jada a brand-new home filled with love and affection. But during her medical checkup, they realized that this poor dog only had months left to live.


But instead of giving up, the vet technicians and local community decided to do something amazing. Jada had a lot of life experiences to catch up with; this dog needed to go out into the world and live everything that it had to offer. They wrote up a “bucket list” featuring some amazing things that Jada just had to do! All of this starting with a nice warm bed!


And while most dogs have enjoyed play toys their whole lives, Jada got to feel the soft rubber squeaking under her teeth for the first time in her life!


While a warm bed and food are certainly necessities, life is about experiencing more than just what you need. Volunteers and staff came up with a huge bucket list of things that Jada had to do!

Click to the NEXT page to see her fulfill #11 on her bucket list: to become a local TV celebrity!


Jada checked off #11 on her bucket list when she got to become a TV star when she was interviewed by their local news station!


Here’s #12 off of her list. Riding in a big shiny red firetruck with all of her newest friends!


She got the chance to hang out with some of the bravest men and women in her town!


She was even given the prestigious honor of being awarded as the January “Firefighter of the Month!” She beat out a lot of Dalmatians for that top spot!


With big plans to celebrate her upcoming birthday (#15), Jada is living the dream life she’s always deserved. As she read with a new friend, (#20), she even added a new line to her bucket list! She wants to promote humane treatment of animals to children both at home and in the classroom. She wants parents and teachers to have age-appropriate conversations on how to properly love and care for animals of all kinds!


#13 checked off the list! Jada got to spend her day protecting and serving the public inside of a cool new police cruiser!


While Jada continues her fight against this deadly disease, the community can’t help but feel their hearts grow heavy. Everyone is doing their best to keep her life happy as it draws near to a close. Jada’s story is important to share because it’s our duty to keep these animals safe and well taken care of. The despicable actions of some animal abusers shouldn’t have been the majority of this sweet dog’s life.


But perhaps one of the most important items on Jada’s bucket list involves her son, Jinx. #21 is simple, but it really says it all: “Send my son off to the perfect home.” He was there in that basement right beside her the whole time in another crate. His youth allowed him to live a bit stronger, but now it’s time to get him to a loving forever home, where all dogs deserve to be.

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