Over the recent days, a viral video surfaced on the Internet, showcasing an extraordinary tale of companionship.

After rescuing a bear cub some time back, a man dedicated himself to its care, resulting in the development of a strong friendship between them.

The video, recently uploaded to YouTube, has quickly become a sensation, accumulating over half a million views. Numerous animal enthusiasts have been captivated by the heartwarming scenes depicted.

Just Live, YouTube

The video’s creator documented the arrival of a injured bear cub at the shelter one day. The man assisted, nurturing and raising the cub. Since then, a robust friendship has blossomed between him and the bear, named Jimbo. Demonstrating complete trust, Jimbo frequently reclines in the man’s arms for extended periods and even welcomes affectionate hugs.

Jimbo, a brown bear weighing 680 kilograms, showcases an extraordinary bond with the man in a friendship that has captivated numerous internet users in recent days.

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