Rescued Elephant Cries Tears Of Joy After Spending 50 Years In Chains!


Oh my goodness, this is one of the most unbelievable rescue stories I’ve ever seen! Watch the dramatic release and rehabilitation of Raju the elephant, who was held captive and in chains for 50 years. Raju was reportedly taken from his mother as a baby, and then horribly passed around among 27 owners who used him as a prop to beg for money, and abused him on a regular basis.

During a potentially dangerous night-time operation one night, a brave group of heroes rescued Raju from the farm where he had been held prisoner. It was because of the efforts of wildlife experts, vets, police and 20 Forestry Commission officers who worked together that Raju was finally set free — and this amazing animal was so happy that he broke into tears of joy. Just heartbreaking, and beautiful. THANK GOD!!!

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