Researchers Were Happy To Catch A Rare Lynx In The Wild, And Then It Made This Strange Sound


One of the first things we all learn as kids is the sound that each animal makes. Whether we played with toys that made noises, read books adorned with “bark” and “meow” and “chirp,” or belted out songs at the top of our lungs (apologies to those who now can’t get “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” out of their heads), these animal calls have been ingrained in our memories since day one. Of course, these toys and songs didn’t cover every animal in the kingdom.

Take, for example, the rare and beautiful lynx. It’s a big cat, so you might think you could guess what it sounds like. You know about a house cat’s meow and a lion’s roar. How different could a lynx really sound after all?

Evidently, it’s much different. As this trail cam video will show, the lynx’s noise is one they didn’t teach you growing up!

In a trail cam video captured by Swan Valley Connections, a conservation and education organization based in Montana, a rare lynx walked into view and stood for a moment.


Then the beautiful creature made a noise that we can’t say we’ve ever heard before…


You’ll be surprised that this is how they sound!


That was such a strange noise! It’s like a half-growl, half-roar. It makes you wonder what that lynx was trying to say. (We’re guessing “Stop filming me!”)

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Source: Honest to Paws