> Returning Soldier Surprises His Dog By Hiding Under Blanket

Returning Soldier Surprises His Dog By Hiding Under Blanket


Our sense of smell can truly be a powerful thing. Not only does it let us know when something delicious is cooking nearby—or that something is rotten and should be avoided—but our olfactory system as a whole is often intrinsically linked to our memories.

Think about it: many of us can find ourselves feeling nostalgic whenever we catch a whiff of certain aromas. The smell of the ocean, for example, might remind you of a childhood beach trip, while freshly-baked cookies could bring back memories of your grandmother. As you might imagine, this sensibility only intensifies for animals with stronger noses!

That was certainly the case for one dog, who was curious about a certain familiar scent in a pile of blankets. He knew something special was hiding in there, and you just have to watch the moment his suspicions come true!

The humans in this dog’s family had a special surprise for him, and he could tell right away. The moment they opened the door, he immediately started running around the house excitedly. Then, he finally stopped at the couch…

That’s when the dog started to whine, and it was clear that he knew something wonderful must have been hiding under the blanket. Still, what could it be? What was hiding under there that got him so excited?


For the record, a dog’s sense of smell is more than five times stronger than that of his human counterparts. That’s why, whenever a dog catches caught a whiff of something, it’s more than likely that he knows exactly what it is. So, what is it that this dog knew?

You’re definitely not going to want to miss the moment when this sweet pup finds out what’s been hiding under that blanket. Was it a big box of treats? A new squeaky toy? Nope—his nose was better than anyone’s, and he knew exactly what it was…

It can feel so good to reunite with something—or someone—that you haven’t seen in a long time. What a pleasant surprise this must have been for that wonderful pooch!

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