Righteous Brothers’ Unchained Melody Gets A New Take As Susan Boyle Cover Gets Shared All Over Internet


She shocked us once, and we’ve never forgotten that. Every time Susan Boyle gets ready to sing, we now know she’s going to give us something amazing.

And the Britain’s Got Talent star didn’t let us down this time either when she decided she was going to cover the classic “Unchained Melody” by the famous Righteous Brothers.

While many have tried covering the timeless piece, it’s hard not to know a flawless take on it when you hear one.

Get ready to be calmed, transported, and inspired…

Since her TV debut in 2009, Susan’s been going strong. At the age of fifty-seven, she’s now globally recognized, with a voice that can make even our favorite songs sound more amazing.

Its because of this that most of us knew we were going to hear something special when she said she would take on “Unchained Melody”.

With an orchestra accompaniment, Susan sings with her heart. A powerful harmony which gives something truly unique and brand new to what’s a well-loved song for so many.

If they heard her, the Righteous Brothers could hardly say any different. We’re blown away!