Rude Driver Leaves Car Double-Parked In Front Of Church, Then Neighbor Teaches Him A Lesson


The following clip happened during the morning rush at Starbucks. But rather than using the big lot across the street before running in to buy a coffee, one hurried driver parks his car directly in front of a church driveway, blocking the entrance during a busy time when people would be coming in and out. “I’ll be just a minute,” the driver tells a neighbor named Dale. But of course, he takes much longer than that.

So, Dale decides to teach the driver a simple yet effective lesson in courtesy. Dale has enough time before the driver returns to his vehicle to bring out a chair, a book and a cup of coffee — and Dale double-parks himself right in front of him! He even has time to set up his tripod and camera to film the next several minutes for all to see.

“I honestly don’t think it’s too much to ask for you to park in such a way that allows a handicapped entrance to be used, or for an emergency vehicle to be able to enter through the driveway,” he states.

When the driver comes back with his coffee, he notices Dale sitting directly in front of his car, quietly enjoying his book — and he’s in no rush to leave.

“I’ll be just a minute,” he calls out to him. Ha!

Viewers everywhere are impressed with his clever technique. One YouTube commenter says, “Bravo…. cheap, easy, peaceful solution, and only 3 minutes of time to block him, but left him scarred for a few hours I bet!”

What do you think of Dale’s lesson about common courtesy?

Video credit: Dale Tippett Jr. & Dale Tippett Jr. – iTunes Page / Dale Tippett Jr. – Facebook

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