He Sat Down In The Mall With Pipes And Flip-Flops, And Blew Everyone Away! This Is INSANE!


Regardless of what you were doing on this particular day, if you were walking through the middle of the Rundle Mall in Adelaide, South Australia chances are you stopped to watch this amazing street performance by Jake, who is affectionately known as The Pipe Guy.

Jake is a full-time street musician who likes to think outside of the box when it comes to what instrument he is going to play. Instead of using a typical drum kit, Jake prefers his homemade set built out of PVC pipe with flipflop for drum sticks. It’s pretty awesome to watch him play. Inspired by The Blue Man Group when he was a kid, he picked up the drums and never looked back.

It’s amazing to see how far a little imagination will get you. This performance is just incredible.

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