Anyone who has graduated from public school or who has a child in school at the moment knows how much we lean on math, science, social studies, and English classes. Of course, all of these classes and more are very important to a child’s education. We all need to know how to read and write correctly, right? However, there are other important things that we will need to learn that will help us navigate life when we are an adult. example, did your school teach you how to change a flat tire along a busy highway or how to cook a filling meal for a family? We are betting that the answer is no. However, these are just two of the life skills we should all have by the time we graduate high school and are expected to go out into the world.

One high school has decided that they need to help children learn how to be adults. Fern Creek High School is now offering a class called “Adulting 101.” This Louisville, Kentucky school put together a 3-day course that helps students learn things that they will have to do once they are out on their own.

Sarah Wilson-Abell is the teacher who put together the course. Students will learn how to hang a picture on their wall, how to cook different meals, and many other adult tasks while they are in the class. The curriculum, which lasts for three full days, starts off with money. Home and health are then covered the next day.

The last day covers topics about how to be professional once you are out in the real world. Wilson-Abell is hoping to continue to course next year for interested students. She also hopes that other schools put together their own adulting classes for kids.

One student talked to WLKY News about what she learned in the class. Lilly, a student who says that she has learned a lot of information in the Adulting class, said that the class taught her things she would never have known how to do. For example, Lilly said that while she knows she has a spare tire in her car, she had no idea what to do with it until she took the class.

Everyone needs to learn somewhere, and what better place than high school? Too many adults quickly judge young kids for not knowing how to do something even though kids are never taught the task in the first place.

Sure, many parents teach their children the life lessons that Adulting 101 teaches. But for many kids, it is the first time they are seeing how to wash clothes or hang a picture.

Learning these skills early in life will make things easier as they get older. That is why this high school is eager to get as many kids as possible to take the class.

Learn more about the class in the video below:

Would you have taken a class like this in high school? Do you agree with it? Leave us a comment below and let us know! Don’t forget to pass this on when you are done.

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