He Secretly Recorded—And Busted—A Teacher Bullying His Autistic Child.


When Stuart heard his son was becoming violent in school, he became concerned. His son Akian has Autism, and always seemed like a shy, gentle boy whenever he was around his family. When he was unable to get any answers from his son’s school, Stuart decided to do something that many would find controversial: He sent his son to school with a tape recorder in his pocket.

What Stuart heard later completely shocked him — Akian’s teacher was not only berating his son, she was calling him names in front of others, and generally making his time at school miserable — completely ignorant to Akian’s autism.

While some people might have a problem with recording someone without their knowledge, how would Stuart have ever known this was happening to his son without taking matters into his own hands? Wouldyou have done the same thing?

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