> See The Deer? Watch What She Does With The Dog…

See The Deer? Watch What She Does With The Dog…


Talk about an amazing friendship… you’re gonna love this!

According to Dad, this deer thinks she’s a dog and runs with his Golden Retriever whenever they go for a walk — so it can be assumed this deer is domesticated. And on this particular day, as you’ll see, she was feeling a little frisky. I mean, a lot frisky! I love how the deer is trying to get the dog to play and dog is like… “Sorry pal, I’m lookin’ for rocks here!” LOL!

Okay, so Goldie isn’t as enthusiastic to see his “deer” old friend, but at least he’s comfortable and calm around her while she jumps around. And I think her excitement makes up for it :) She splashes! She leaps! She just cannot contain herself around this goofy pup!

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