See That Teddy Bear? Watch What The Pony Does To It…


One-month-old pony Breeze was found abandoned by his mother just a few hours after his birth. Unable to find his mom, Breeze was found stumbling around the hillside, where he collapsed due to shock and dehydration. Luckily, rescuers at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary Rescuers scooped him up and nursed him back to health — but there was one thing missing…

Breeze needed a surrogate mother, and the sanctuary had a brilliant idea. They placed in his stall a giant 4-foot-tall teddy bear, and Breeze immediately cuddled up to it and found comfort in the bear — a replacement for his mother. The two became inseparable.

As time passed, Breeze was well enough to take his first trot. Michelle, who works at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, described Breeze today as a “rye little character,” and a “cheeky” fellow who plays with his friends and charges like a madman. Breeze is being rehabilitated so he can be happily re-homed.

Oh yea — Breeze is also the proud owner of two stuffed dogs.

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