After Seeing What Common Item Found In Almost Every Home Caused THIS, I Threw Mine Out ASAP


As someone with longer hair, I can tell you that hair ties are essential. And I always keep one or two on my wrist as backup.

But when I saw how a hair tie caused a problem big enough to make headlines, I took a second look at those seemingly harmless items and immediately took them off my wrist.

Find out what happened to Audree Kopp below!

Kopp, a loving mother from Louisville, Kentucky learned a painful lesson concerning hair ties when she put one on her wrist the other day. She loved the ones with glitter on them.

Throughout the day, the glitter caused tiny scratches on her wrist which began to get larger as the day went on.

Eventually, bacteria from the hair tie entered the tiny scratches and started infecting her body. She woke up two days later with a bump on her wrist that made her gasp.

Her doctor said it was “no big deal.” But could he have been any more wrong?

She started taking antibiotics. But her infection kept growing. Then her bump exploded and left an open wound…

She was rushed to the ER and went into emergency surgery.

Doctors at the hospital identified 3 different strands of bacteria – and she narrowly avoided sepsis or blood poisoning.

If you wear a hair tie on your wrist, be careful.



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