She’s Too Busy Texting While Walking. Now Watch What This Guy Does To Her? THIS IS A WARNING


As you know, phones are a major factor when it comes to car accidents. When people text or use their smartphone while behind the wheel, it’s called distracted driving.

But smartphones don’t only put you in danger of a car wreck.Actually, they can make you vulnerable for kidnapping, assault, and other similar attacks.

When you walk around the streets or ride on public transportation, try to count how many people are glued to their phones. It’s almost impossible to keep up.

Every person who has their eyes glued to their device is not aware of their surroundings. They could get hit by a bus if crossing the street or get attacked from behind by a kidnapper.

The video included below is a perfect reminder to always be careful and vigilant – especially when you’re out alone.

In the clip, a young woman gets abducted by a predator while she goes to her car in a parking lot. He grabs her and throws her the trunk of his car.

If the girl had simply been aware of her surroundings, she would have noticed the man looming behind her.

Do you think this video could help people you know be safer?

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