Shetland Pony Has Some Serious Dance Moves And Isn’t Afraid To Show Them Off


Horses and ponies are generally thought to be pretty majestic creatures. You might imagine them elegantly galloping through an open field with the sun setting in the background or, perhaps, jumping gracefully in a competition.

While these magnificent animals are highly regarded for their beauty and elegance, that doesn’t mean they can’t be downright silly at times.

Alvin, an adorable Shetland pony, might have the good looks his kind is known for, but he’s definitely got a goofy side that he likes to show on occasion. You’re not going to believe the trick he pulls when he wants attention…

Meet Alvin, a 10-year-old adorable Shetland pony from Sweden…


Alvin’s owner 24-year-old Paulina Tufvesson has been taking care of him for the past eight years.


Paulina and Alvin have grown pretty close over those eight years. She’s come to learn that he likes to be the center of attention at all costs.

Like a lot of other animals, Alvin loves when Paulina gives him treats, though, he knows he has to earn them.



So, over the years Alvin has made it a point to learn some cool tricks to impress not only Paulina, but anyone who comes around their farm.


“Alvin loves to show off and have an audience to impress, when I come out to feed him he usually offers a trick or two in the hope of a treat,” Paulina said in an interview about Alvin’s talent.


That doesn’t mean Alvin won’t showcase his talents to you if you don’t have a treat to offer him. He’s just happy to have an audience.

…But people have trouble not giving him a treat once they see how talented he is…


Just wait until you see what Alvin does when he finally takes center stage!