> She Shows You How To Make Marshmallow Petals

She Shows You How To Make Marshmallow Petals


The instant this woman picked up her scissors and started slicing into a delectable marshmallow, we were beyond perplexed. What she ultimately creates, however, is a thing of beauty. 

Baking enthusiasts are always trying to improve their cupcake designs to outdo their culinary competitors. People try all sorts of techniques and methods to make sure their sugary delights are not only tastier, but also prettier, than their cupcake counterparts. Some even spend hours painstakingly following complicated baking tutorials, all in the hopes of achieving culinary perfection.
But does the process really need to be difficult in order for the end result to be beautiful? The answer to that (thanks to this video) is simply, “no.”
This marshmallow method is as easy as it is effective. Your friends, family and/or coworkers won’t know whether they should eat your treats or mount them on the wall! We can’t wait to make some of our own, but how did you feel about this tutorial? Please share your thoughts, feelings and opinions with us in the comment section below.