> Kendra and Krista Sing ”Amazing Grace” For Their Mother And Grandmother

Kendra and Krista Sing ”Amazing Grace” For Their Mother And Grandmother


Kendra and Krista wanted to give their mother and grandmother a particularly beautiful present. The only problem was they didn’t know exactly what to get them!

These days so many presents are pre-made and offer no real “heart” behind what’s being given. Pre-packaged presents with  no real meaning, and cards written by someone else, always feel so cold and uncaring. The thought is there, but it just doesn’t feel like “the real thing” most of the time.

But after a lot of thought these two North Dakota sisters decided to give the two women that they love the most a real one of a kind gift that came directly from the heart!

The two sisters make up the duo named Tigirlily. Since they were tiny babies they always loved to sing, and when they realized that their voices could blend in and out of each other so naturally, they just knew they were meant to perform together.

Their ability to harmonize with each other is absolutely stunning, and after you hear their amazing version of “Amazing Grace,” you’ll easily understand why they’re becoming internationally loved by music lovers all over the world!

Described as “Adele with a lil twang,” these two amazing young women are certainly going to go far in life. We’re just glad we got to see them in the early stages of their musical career!

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