Singing Daily Reduces Stress, Helps You Live Longer And Even Clears Sinuses, According To New Research


According to a new research study that was done about singing, if you sing on a daily basis, you can not only live a longer life, your sinuses will clear, allowing you to breathe better, and doing so can even reduce stress.

Music literally makes everything better but singing aloud to the music can make things even better yet. The reason for this is because when singing a song you can truly feel connected to the song with your mind, body, and spirit. No wonder people love music so much!

It doesn’t matter who you are or if you are even good at singing. You can still reap the benefits of singing on a daily basis, whether your own music you made yourself or someone else’s, singing along with them. It truly is a happier world to live in with music and singing.

Not only this but research that was done by scientists at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found that those who sing together end up being so connected together that they have synchronized heartbeats. Just ask those who sing in a choir together. They will tell you that this is definitely true. They say that when the magical sound of many people singing together happens, they feel an unexplained unity together.

Also, because singing requires deep concentration with your breathing, it can clear your sinuses, helping you breathe better. Singing isn’t just good for your lungs but is also good for heart health.

Singing songs may even be better for you than doing regular yoga exercises since it requires controlled breathing and concentration.

The research conducted also found that regular singing can reduce stress by producing a reduced level of the hormone cortisol which is the stress hormone. If you sing, you will also improve your immune system, making you a healthier person and allowing you to live a longer life.

So, if you want to live a healthier, happier, and longer life, start singing every day! Who cares if you aren’t good at it. As long as you enjoy it, then that is all that matters!