Soldier returns home and hugs son, breaks down when he reads what’s written on son’s shirt


Homecomings are an absolutely wonderful for families with a member serving overseas. Emotions run high as soldiers return home to warm embraces from loved ones. Everyone has missed each other dearly, and each person is thankful for another opportunity to reunite.

For one Navy husband who returned home, he was greeted with a very special surprise.

In the video below, we are told of a couple who tragically lost a child at 9 weeks. Ever since then, the two had tried to conceive another, but with no luck. Then, the husband was deployed overseas, but while he was there, his wife discovered she was pregnant!

She planned an incredible surprise for him. She wanted to tell him the wonderful news when he returned home. To do this, she cleverly printed a t-shirt that read “Big Brother,” and had her oldest song wear it.

When Dad returns and holds up his son, he reads what’s written on his t-shirt. Immediately, he is overwhelmed by emotion. I love his reaction!

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