Soldier’s wife is escorted off plane, breaks down when she sees his flag-draped coffin


When the passengers of an airplane at the Raleigh-Durham airport in North Carolina were preparing to disembark, they noticed that directly beneath them, a coffin was being taken out of the plane. The coffin held an American flag. When the passengers saw the stars and stripes on the coffin, a very emotional and touching moment followed and no one was able to hold their tears back.

Source: Inside Edition / Lisa Williams, YouTube

One of the passengers onboard the plane, Lisa Williams, was able to film what happened next with her smartphone. A woman in black clothing quickly approaches the coffin. Tara Thomas, the wife of the fallen soldier, is seen sobbing, bowing her head and gently kissing the flag-draped coffin of her husband, 35-year old Shawn Thomas.

Source: Inside Edition / Lisa Williams, YouTube

Shawn was stationed in Niger and passed away in a car crash. A few moments after, soldiers transport the coffin with the utmost care. A very intimate and extremely emotional moment and all the passengers on the plane were understandably very touched.

Source: Inside Edition / Lisa Williams, YouTube

Tara gave Lisa permission to share the video online, as everyone should be allowed to see what kind of sacrifices families in the military have to make.

Source: Inside Edition / Lisa Williams, YouTube

The couple resided in Oklahoma with four children. Shawn received a number of medals for his service in the army. As one passenger on the plane has said, “Another angel is coming home“.

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