Her Son Was Acting Entitled. So Here’s The Note She Wrote Him That Had Him Begging For Forgiveness..


As you know, more young people every year seem to think that the world should be served to them on a silver platter. Whether they’re relying on their parents to give them a place to live into their twenties, pay their phone bills, or even buy them the latest iPhone, entitlement is a huge problem.

But thankfully there are still some parents out there who are willing to stand up to their bratty kids. That’s exactly what this mom did when her 13-year-old son gained some popularity on YouTube and thought he was an adult who didn’t need to listen to “mommy.”

After Aaron, 13, started earning some money from his YouTube videos, he started treating mom like trash. That’s when Estella Havisham realized she was doing a bad job parenting and needed to be stricter on her entitled brat.

Aaron started lying about his school work and since he was “making money now,” he didn’t need to listen to his hard-working mother anymore.

Estella had a brilliant idea. She decided to write up a contract to teach her son a lesson about responsibility and respect.

Here’s what her letter said. Feel free to send this to your entitled children or grandchildren too.



Did it work? Here’s what she had to say on Facebook.

“Later, that same night, he came back into my room and sat on the foot of my bed and asked if we could talk,” she posted to Facebook. “He wanted to know how he could earn things back.

“The bigger point is, the message was received. I think a lot influenced his very sudden change in heart,” Estella replied.

“It may have seemed like tough love, or a harsh reality check, but putting it into practice has been fairly gentle. I have seen him trying to be more conscientious…everything has a honeymoon period; so, only time will tell — But as for this week, things are much better and I have high hopes.”

It’s never too early to teach America’s next generation about personal responsibility.

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