> When THIS Song Comes On The Radio - Keith Urban And Nicole's Lip Sync Battle Is Priceless

When THIS Song Comes On The Radio – Keith Urban And Nicole’s Lip Sync Battle Is Priceless


There’s nothing like jamming out in the car to one of your favorite songs with your spouse – you play the air drums like a rockstar while they serenade the imaginary mic, or vice versa. Well, apparently some celebrities really are like us, because Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban love to do it, too.

The silly Hollywood couple hopped into their car to lip sync along to Keith’s new song, “The Fighter.” Nicole was still a little iffy on some of the words, but she gave it her best shot! Her facial expressions and hand motions throughout the video are too funny not to let out a giggle or two!

Keith, on the other hand, already had his new song down by heart! It was easy to tell he wrote this song for her – he looked her right in the eye and gave her a big, goofy grin while singing most of it. They are easily one of Tinseltown’s hottest celebrity couples, but this video shows the world they can let go and have fun like the rest of us!