She Spent 35 Years Squeezing The Great Outdoors Into Her Small House


Your home is a reflection of who you are.

For instance, if you live in a large house it may represent a desire to possess things and have plenty of space to store and display these items, whilesomeone who lives in a tiny house may be more minimalistic and prefers living a more simplistic life.

Then you have those truly unique individuals who take a home, and turn it into a reproduction of their one-of-a-kind personality.

Lauri Svedberg of Minneapolis, MN is one of these people.

Lauri, who lives alone with her adorable pup, is a lover of the great outdoors and expressing herself through her art and the biggest canvas she’s ever worked on his her very own house.

She has worked for 35 years to transform her seemingly ordinary house into an incredibly detailed wonderland that looks like it’s straight from a fairytale.

It’s something I have never seen before and it’s quite impressive. To think, she did it all with a common tool  you can pick up at any craft store…

Here is the outside of Lauri’s home. It may seem unassuming from this angle but it’s full of surprises.


She spent 35 years transforming her home in Minneapolis into her dream house, which some neighbors have dubbed “The Hobbit House.”


Yet, it is also known as “The Wolf House,” for unique details like this. But once inside, Lauri’s style takes a dramatic turn.


The reason why it took Lauri 35 agonizing years to transform her house is because much of it is completely fashioned from natural materials.


Daily Mail

She created giant mosaics on walls and ceilings.


Daily Mail

The craziest detail of this elaborate creation is that she secured every bit into place with a regular glue gun you can pick up at a craft store.


Daily Mail

The mosaics are made of minerals, rock, and glass were pieced together to create an otherworldly abode.


Star Tribune

Lauri also brought the outdoors indoors by painting forest-scapes and waterfalls onto walls and ceilings.


Daily Mail

With the aid of large windows, in some areas it’s even difficult to tell where her nature ends and her paintings begin.


Daily Mail

Although Lauri loves this home, she is planning to moves to Palm Springs, CA for retirement.


Daily Mail

The unique property has gone on sale for $149,000.


Daily Mail

Lauri’s unique style spans every room of the house.


Daily Mail

Even the bathroom has a touch of the wild.


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As does this room, that has a canopied tent of leopard, zebra, and cheetah prints.


Daily Mail

They are patterns that Lauri obviously adores as much as she loves her dog.


Star Tribune

The house may seem strange to some, but you can’t deny some of its rare and unique beauty.


Star Tribune

This home may not be everyone’s taste, but that doesn’t matter as the only person who has to like it is the person she did it for: herself!


Star Tribune

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