> He Starts Making Lunch, But Then? I Can’t Bear To Watch!

He Starts Making Lunch, But Then? I Can’t Bear To Watch!


Iguarantee you won’t see this at your local Chipotle.

Proving once again that no one is as extreme as the Russians, this local man has forever changed the game of wrap-making. He starts preparing shawarma (a Middle-Eastern wrap) normally, but when the Mortal Kombat music starts, things get way more intense. I’ve never gotten an adrenaline rush from watching someone prepare lunch before, but this guy has shown me that there’s a first time for everything!

I’ve seen some amazing chefs work with insane speed, like this guy who can chop up an onion faster than a blender could! But this shawarma master completely blew my mind. Just trying to keep track of his movements made me dizzy. I’d love to see him create something like this talented chef did with a tomato! Of course, this guy’s skills aren’t just limited to making food at lightning speed: When :48 came around, I had to watch this video through gaps between my fingers! I thought for sure he was going to cut his own head off.

There are plenty of amazing chefs in the world, but I’ve never seen any of them cook like this. This guy doesn’t just cook, he performs. Anyone who gets their food from his restaurant is bound to get way more than they bargained for!

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