> Starving abandoned dog sees lady lying motionless on ground—what unfolds next is tear-jerking

Starving abandoned dog sees lady lying motionless on ground—what unfolds next is tear-jerking


When a young girl heard that a dog was abandoned in the mountains of Evan’s Creek, she didn’t spare any time to help him out. She set off with her friend, and finally spotted him.

It all started when a driver spotted this dog named Bear at a campsite in Evan’s Creek, Washington. Whoever abandoned the dog is still unknown. Bear looked scared and malnourished, and when the driver tried to approach him, he got aggressive.

When Amanda heard about Bear a few days later, she felt that she must help the poor canine and rescue him out of his miserable situation. So, Amanda and her friend Dylan went to the area where Bear was seen. They found him, but the dog would not come near them, even though they tried to entice him with treats or dog food.

The next day, they went back to the area they had spotted the poor dog. But this time, they tried something different!

©Facebook | Amanda Guarascio

Amanda gradually walked over and lay down on the ground to play “dead,” lying on her side and not moving. Surprisingly, Bear came up to her and sniffed her for about 20 minutes and then went away. But the brave Amanda had resolved to make the rescue mission a success, so she didn’t give—she still stayed in the fetal position, motionless.


Almost one hour later, Bear returned, and seeing Amanda still lying on the ground, he went close to her. But this time, he sat by her side.

He stayed close to her, as if he was trying to “help” her. Two hours went by and Bear realized that she could be trusted. He then followed her to the car, and she was able to take him to the vet.


Though animal welfare organization Lost and Found Pets in Washington tried to locate the dog’s owner, their efforts were unsuccessful.

©Facebook | Baby Bear recovered in Carbonado WA

Fortunately, a family expressed their interest to adopt Bear, and now he is living happily with them.

©Facebook | Useless Bay Sanctuary
©Facebook | Useless Bay Sanctuary

This is another example of humankind’s caring towards animals in need.

©Facebook | Lost & Found Pets Wa State