Steve Harvey Takes An Adorable Moment To Flirt With 100-Year-Old Woman In His Audience


Growing older isn’t something most people love talking about. Birthday cards arriving each year with messages describing you as “over the hill” can be a difficult pill to swallow. As kids, we can’t wait to grow up! But as I find myself inching closer to 30, my tune has definitely changed. Of course, it’s something we all experience regardless of whether or not we’re happy about it. There are some who try to trick time with fancy procedures or expensive products. Others find longevity through a good old-fashioned work ethic! Either way, it’s something we all have to cope with eventually.

When this sweet woman entered her 100th year of life, she knew exactly what she wanted to do: take a visit to the Steve Harvey show! Harvey has seen some pretty zany moments, but when he spotted Ms. Nelson from Virginia sitting in the front row of his crowd, he stepped right out of the spotlight to have an adorable chat with her. Dressed in a crown and sash declaring her age proudly, Harvey is stunned as he insists, “Girl, you ain’t no 100… 62, you got to be about 62!”

Ms. Nelson and her family are clearly just as delighted as the host as he continues to flirt with the centenarian. Harvey asks if she ever cusses and explains that when he gets to be her age, he plans on “cussing all the time,” claiming that it keeps you young!

Watch more of the heartwarming exchange below to see Harvey offer to loan Ms. Nelson an item from his own dressing room.

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