Steve Harvey Was Unaware The Cameras Were On. His Words Have Captured Everyone’s Attention




Steve Harvey completed filming the next Family Feud, but he hadn’t finished speaking to the audience. With heart-felt words, he gave them a short impromptu speech. Motivational words flowed from his lips, and the whole audience listened with ears wide open.

It was his clear intent to encourage the people there. Speaking about becoming success, living life to the fullest, making opportunities, and taking chances, he has no shame in tying them all to God. Fully recognizing that each person has their own gift from God, he says we all have to “jump”. What he meant by that he explained further. Using the example of jumping out of an airplane, you have to jump yet sometimes it’s scary because the parachute doesn’t open right away. But eventually, it has to open, and it will keep you from hitting the bottom.

He trusts God’s promises to carry him after taking that leap of faith, or as he better describes as jumping. The audience gave a thankful round of applause for all of his thoughtful words he took the time to share. But for Steve Harvey, he was only sharing the things he is most passionate about, and they truly shone through his speech.