Steve Harvey’s Wife Has Had Enough, Calls In Dr. Phil For Help


When Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie, stopped by his show for her own special segment, he expected a silly discussion between the two of them. He anticipated friendly banter with his loving spouse.

Steve had no idea that she wanted to discuss something much more serious! That’s why she decided to call the segment “I Love My Man, But…”


Marjorie selected one of television’s most popular hosts to sit by her side! Between the silly banter, Marjorie revealed why Dr. Phil was brought onto her husband’s show!

Marjorie is sick and tired of Steve’s messiness and doesn’t know how to get through to him! From clothes on the floor to leftover food plates strewn about the kitchen, it’s just too much!


Steve sits back and listens as his wife voices her frustrations (in a nice way). Then Dr. Phil stepped in to help.

True to form, Dr. Phil laid into Steve and spoke to Marjorie how to deal with such a messy spouse. In the video below, Dr. Phil lays it on the line for Marjorie.


The TV talk show host is quite frank with the two of them and gives Steve a verbal spanking. But it’s still pretty darn funny to listen to them.

“Would you like me to give you some tools to solve this with? If you’re the woman of the house…. and you’re embarrassed because you’re married to someone who looks like they live in a yard sale, then you have to teach him how to treat you!”

Instead of allowing that type of messy behavior to fly and continuing to quietly clean up after Steve, Marjorie has to speak her mind, Dr. Phil said. She also needs to let Steve know that his messy nature bothers her!


Listen to the entire hilariously informative segment for yourself in the video below. We can all learn a little something from Steve and Marjorie’s discussion.