‘Stone Dog’ Transformed Back Into A Real Dog, The Work Of An Angel!


The Stone dog was actually just a normal doggie, he just looked like he had turned to stone, a stone that could move and eat and bark, as it happens he really underwent an amazing transformation…

Ozzy was a lovely dog, not a stone dog at all but he had a condition where he looked just like a stone dog, just like he was a piece of rock!

Melissa was on holiday in Aruba in the Caribbean and it was her that was responsible for his rescue, with the help of the local dog rescuers of course!

Melissa, the holidaymaker who was responsible for saving him, called the Sgt Pepper’s Friends foundation, on the island, and then they took Ozzy to assess him and treat him and get him back to normal again.

For this doggie Melissa was his Angel, she swooped down from the heavens to save him and make sure he got a second chance at life!


Melissa said that:

“He looked like a walking stone when I found him ..I knew I wanted to help so I opened the car door and he jumped right in.”

He was given the treatment he needed finally, they bathed him with medicated shampoo twice a week and he also had some injections for his skin condition, this went on for six weeks, but it’s what he really needed!


The rescue center said:

“He was so grateful. He is the sweetest thing.”

Dayenne Holwerda, a volunteer at the rescue center, said:

“Melissa, who was vacationing here, saw Ozzy and contacted us for help …We decided to help and Melissa went to look for him again and bring him to our vet.”

“Ozzy really looked like a rock and his face was all swollen and his eyes crusty …He tested positive for heartworm and sarcoptic mange so we had no choice than to leave him at the vet to be treated.”


“He was bathed with medicated shampoo two times a week and received injections for his skin for six weeks …His skin started to look better very fast and he was so happy to see us at the vet every time.”

“After eight weeks his skin tests came out negative and he went to a boarding place for dogs …Last week we confirmed his adoption so we hope to find him a flight to Seattle as soon as he finishes his heartworm treatment.”


Ozzy really transformed, he was under there all along, but he just needed the care and love to release him from his stone shell… Now he would have another chance at life and finally have a chance to find a forever home!

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