Strangers Give Girl Dirty Looks When She Uses Handicap Bathroom, But They Can’t See Her Disease


Grace Warnock has been dealing with something that no 11-year-old should have to go through.

The little girl, who suffers from Crohn’s disease, got negative and disapproving looks from strangers whenever she used the handicap bathroom in public.

Because her disease isn’t visible to the naked eye, there wasn’t any way for her to show that she has every right and reason to use the stall.

Now, Grace has taken matters into her own hands and done something absolutely incredible.

She designed a brand-new handicap bathroom sign, which shows that even people who look completely healthy may be battling something bigger than we know.

The sign, which shows the usual handicap symbol in the center and then has two able bodied-looking people to either side with their hearts standing out, is slowly but surely popping up in Warnock’s native Scotland.

Here’s hoping we start seeing the sign stateside one day soon!

Scroll down for a closer look at the work this brave young girl is doing…grace-1-850x9771

Grace Warnock is an 11-year-old girl living with Crohn’s disease, which is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the digestive tract. Because of her illness, Grace uses the handicap restroom in public, but felt that the invisibility of her disease made people think she was doing something wrong by using the stall.


But Grace didn’t let the rude looks from strangers get her down. Instead, they inspired her to create a handicap restroom sign that shows not some people are battling diseases that are invisible to the naked eye.


Grace then began fighting to have her sign put in public restrooms so that no one else would have to feel the discomfort that she did.grace-4-850x948

Grace’s determination led to attention from Scottish Parliament and the campaign for the sign gained traction. The final result was a bit different than the original design, but it’s just as inclusive to all people suffering from unseen diseases.


Now, Grace’s sign hangs on the bathroom doors at the Scottish Parliament and this is just the beginning.

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