Stray kitten with a facial defect called ‘too ugly’ to be adopted


We’d all like to think of ourselves as being non superficial people. However, there are a number of us who do not practice what we preach. When it comes to the health and well being of various shelter animals, our level of superficiality gets tested severely. Are you someone who simply chooses the cutest animal that you can find or do you care about your future pet’s personality?


Romeo the kitten was left on the wrong side of this equation recently. The kitten was born with a facial defect and this made him less than desirable to those who seek out pets of their own. The cat had been forced to live on the streets of Spain as a result of his condition. His prognosis was rather grim, especially once his siblings had been able to find homes of their own.


Once he finally found someone who truly understood his plight, everything changed. If not for the assistance of Laura Llacer, who knows what would have became of this poor cat? She is the founder of an organization known as Compasión Animal Santuario. As soon as she spotted him, she knew that she would have to intervene to keep him from spending the rest of his existence on the streets.


She could not believe that so many people had seen this cat and still refused to provide him with a home. She decided that it would be best for Romeo to head back to the sanctuary with her. He was given the chance to meet a wide range of animals from various walks of life. Before long, he was hanging out with ducks and turkeys. While his appearance is not usual, that does not keep him from being affectionate.


Laura believes that Romeo’s deformity is responsible for his kind demeanor. He was given the chance to spend time at her loving sanctuary and was embraced by all of the other animals. They did not care about his physical appearance, as they were in love with his less tangible attributes. In our opinion, it is hard to look at this cat and not want to scoop him up.


How people could look at this poor cat and decide not to help him is beyond us. It is too bad that it took so long for Romeo to finally find the home that was best for him. If you would like to see Romeo’s reaction once he was given the chance to reside in a forever home, then be sure to check out this heartwarming clip for yourself.