> The surprising truth about the dog photographed hiding under a tombstone

The surprising truth about the dog photographed hiding under a tombstone


All too often a photo will surface online without any context. As it circulates on social media, people will rush to draw their own conclusions and create their own narratives. Most of the time, all it takes is some simple research to determine the correct backstory—yet that rarely seems to happen nowadays!

A prime example of this involved a picture of a German Shepherd that first made the rounds on social media in 2015. The dog appeared to be hiding in a hole she presumably burrowed underneath a gravestone in a cemetery in Serbia. Millions of people assumed that the dog was grieving for her deceased owner and refused to leave their side.

But the truth behind the picture is more heartwarming than anyone could have imagined…

Not every picture that circulates online tells its entire story. Many times, people create their own narratives—without doing the proper research—to try to explain what they’re seeing. A prime example of this involved a series of misleading images from 2015. Look familiar?

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The photographs depicted a German Shepherd hiding in a hole underneath a gravestone in Serbia. At first, everyone who saw the picture jumped to the conclusion that the dog had burrowed underneath the headstone of her owner and refused to leave their side during her period of mourning.

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However, that version of events couldn’t have been more wrong. As it turned out, the grave didn’t belong to the German Shepherd’s owner. In fact, she didn’t even know the person in the grave! So, what was the reason for her unusual hiding spot?

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Why, she was simply trying to find a comfortable and secluded spot to care for her new litter of puppies! There were four adorable pups in total. The mother was exhausted from the delivery, and the gravesite seemed like as good a place as any to keep them properly fed and sheltered.

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An animal rescuer named Vesna Mihajloski came across the mother dog and her puppies, and she knew that without proper care, they wouldn’t survive. So Vesna and her team brought them to a local shelter where they were able to give them food, medical attention, and most importantly, the love that they so desperately needed. But how would the dogs react to such a different environment?

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They loved it, of course! Slowly but surely, the little family started to look more like beloved pets than street-walking strays. The mother, who was dreadfully skinny from a tough life on the streets, began to fill out after eating proper meals. And her puppies gradually became the little fun-loving rascals that all dogs are expected to be when they’re young!

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Thanks to Vesna and her team of rescuers, this mama dog was finally able to raise her pups in a proper environment. Now, her puppies will have a chance to grow up happy and healthy—and she would finally be able to get some much-needed rest!

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This story goes to show you that even though a picture appears to tell one tale, there could be an entirely different narrative going on. Don’t jump to conclusions when something circulates online; do some research yourself, and often you’ll find the backstory to be far more interesting!

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