A Sweet Story Of Hope And Rescue


wilson Martins, a resident of Rio de Janeiro, has been rescuing animals for years. He has been doing it for many years now with help from others including his friend Fabio Nascimento. Davi is a recent dog that Wilson has helped personally save. We saw this story at SF Globe and knew we had to share it.

This precious dog was a big one, but when they found him abandoned in the woods he only weighed 28 pounds (13kg). He also had serious injuries including a massive gaping wound. For dogs like Davi, Wilson is their savior. The large dog with beautiful green eyes was rescued from the woods outside of Rio de Janeiro in September of 2012.

Davi was found in a pile of trash just outside of town.
Surprisingly, even after being neglected, Davi was still warm towards humans.

Wilson could do a little bit for him, but he knew he had to bring Davi back to town.

Even after receiving some emergency surgery, Davi was still playful and friendly.

After several months, Davi’s recovery started to show. His wounds started to heal. He gained more weight and also gained some more friends.

After a year, they threw Davi a party celebrating his anniversary since the rescue. They even made him his own doggie-safe cake.

His wounds have almost completely healed. What was once a giant gaping wound showing off bone is now merely a tiny scar.

Davi has been under several people’s care since and is now living a healthy life thanks to a few great people.

Thank you, Wilson, for showing us that good people still exist in this world. Thank you for showing us Davi, too.