> Teacher looks inside young girl’s backpack – gasps when she sees what’s inside

Teacher looks inside young girl’s backpack – gasps when she sees what’s inside


There’s nothing that can quite prepare you for being a teacher.

Children, by their very nature, are unpredictable. They’re ever finding new, mischievous ways to surprise their elders.

On occasion, their stunts can be infuriatingly annoyingly. Of course, there are also times when their ingenuity can leave you in tears of laughter.

For teacher Bobbi Nabors, it was a large helping of the second of those two possibilities. One morning she decided to check inside one of her young student’s bags – what she found left her gasping …

It seemed like any normal day for Bobbi, who did her morning classroom announcements as usual before deciding to undertake a backpack check.

Little did she know that when she unzipped one of her student’s bags, she would uncover a furry surprise to leave her gasping with amazement. From the dark depths of the backpack, two doe eyes stared back at her.

Facebook / Brenan Evans Lingerfelt

That’s right. After recovering from her initial shock, Bobbi realised that the eyes belonged to a puppy named Jake. Apparently, he’d kept quiet for most of the morning inside the bag, content to sleep. According to a Facebook post, his owner, a little girl named Jes, couldn’t bring herself to part ways with him when she left for school.

When Bobbi questioned Jes on why she’d brought a dog with her for the day, the resulting explanation added another layer to the comedy.

The little girl replied: “My mom must have put him in there.”

A Facebook post reads:

– “Everyone, meet Jake. He rode on the bus and stayed tucked quietly away through morning work and announcements, until Mrs. Bobbi Nabors was checking bookbags and found him. Then, everyone fell in love. Jake belongs to a sweet little girl at JES who just couldn’t bring herself to part with him this morning, before school. When Mrs. Nabors opened the little girl’s bookbag this morning, she saw two eyes peering up at her. The little girl told her teacher, ‘My mom must’ve put him in there.’ Mom came to pick Jake up, after he became famous throughout Jefferson Elementary School. He even went potty in the front office! Mom was all smiles. How could you not be? She said she’d bring Jake back to visit us all soon! He’s now the poster boy for our upcoming spring book fair, “Paws for a Good Book!”

A celebrity in the school

Bobbi called Jes’ mom to come and retrieve Jake, and, while they waited for her to show up, the pup became quite the school celebrity. Mom couldn’t believe that the dog had accompanied her daughter to school, but, fortunately, she too saw the funny side.

All’s well that ends well, as they say. In actual fact, the school might well draw benefit from Jes’ stunt. They’re now using Jake as the poster dog for their upcoming book fair, “Paws for a Good Book.”

Three cheers for Jake. I don’t know about you, but just reading this story made me smile.

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