Teen Is Given Ultrasound Results On Live TV, Dr. Travis Can’t Lie About Alarming Truth


Being young and pregnant can be a challenge, but being young, pregnant and suffering from a life-threatening health condition makes matters even more difficult. At just 19 years old, Samantha was given a shocking diagnosis about her ultrasound results live on TV that brought her to tears.

But it was because of Samantha’s mother Krystina that she even attended the show to begin with. Samantha has juvenile type 1 diabetes and her mother turned to Dr. Phil for help in properly managing her disease.

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Women who are pregnant and deal with diabetes can cause harm to the baby if they do not control their disease. Females must stay within their target range while pregnant, which actually could be different than when they’re not pregnant.

High blood sugar can harm a fetus even during the first few weeks of pregnancy before a mom-to-be even realizes she’s pregnant. The damage is irreversible and heartbreaking.

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Complicating matters was that Samantha also struggled with untreated manic depression and was involved in a controlling relationship with the baby’s father at the time, two critical factors that negatively impacted her diet and insulin levels. Krystina escorted her daughter to the Dr. Phil Show to seek help for Samantha in managing her disease as well as getting her life back on track.

Dr. Phil invited Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors to review Samantha’s prenatal ultrasounds during the show’s taping in real time. But the diagnosis was devastating.

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It appeared that Samantha finally grasped the seriousness of her situation. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she began to absorb the grave diagnosis. Her mom, the baby’s grandma, appears heartbroken.

Most people don’t realize that diabetes can significantly impact a baby’s health. Samantha learned that lesson the hard way.

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Watch and see what news the doctor delivered to Samantha.