> She Tells Teens To Be Quiet During Movie, Doesn't Realize What It'll Cost Her Until It's Too Late

She Tells Teens To Be Quiet During Movie, Doesn’t Realize What It’ll Cost Her Until It’s Too Late


Heather had a couple spare hours to go out to the movies, but never expected to end up at the hospital afterwards. It all seemed to be going as planned when she took her seat in the movie theater, but then the distractions began. To Heather’s discomfort, a group of noisy teens decided to see the same movie as her and wouldn’t stop climbing over chairs and being loud despite her quiet requests for them to stop. Though she asked politely, they just continued which added to her frustration.


If you’ve ever been to a movie theater and experienced the same thing, you can relate to Heather’s feelings. Not only are you paying money to see the movie, you spend time to go out of your way to go enjoy it. All it takes to spoil the experience is one loud person, yet there was an entire group causing a scene right in front of Heather. Asking them to stop was a natural response, but when they wouldn’t stop, Heather couldn’t hold it back any longer. She shouted out for them to stop, and that’s when someone went to report the situation to the movie theater employees. It seemed like the solution to end it all, but little did Heather know that it was only the beginning to her troubles.


Heather and her friend were walking out of the theater and were then approached by the group of teens. What started out as a conversation quickly escalated into violence. Heather planned on having a relaxing evening at the movies. She could have never known the pain to follow from a black eye or trip to the hospital. Watch her share the shocking story and the reason why she was able to hold back in the heart-wrenching video below.