> Terrified Dog Abandoned On Railroad Tracks Gets A Second Chance

Terrified Dog Abandoned On Railroad Tracks Gets A Second Chance


Did you know that it’s estimated that there are more than five times the number of homeless dogs as there are homeless humans in the United States?

While this might sound like progress for mankind, the truth is much more heartbreaking. This is an epidemic for both humans and dogs, as it’s impossible to even count how many there are roaming the streets with no food, water, or shelter.

You may not think that helping one stray dog will make a difference, but think about this: if one person learns of your good deed and is inspired to do the same or spread the word, it can have a ripple effect. As we know, changing the life of just one dog can have some pretty amazing effects later on. Just look at how this unwanted, senior pit bull’s story is helping so many pets in need!

Through his amazing organization Hope For Paws, canine angel Eldad Hagar helps get helpless dogs off the streets of Los Angeles and into the loving homes they deserve. In the following video, we meet a scared, lonely dog who was living alone on railroad tracks. In the middle of the night, the heroes found the dog, who they named Nora, and brought her to a safe place where she was cleaned up and given medical attention.

Her transformation needs to be shared to inspire others to do whatever they can to help!

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