Texas Student Bursts Into Tears After Reading Final Exam Question – Now The Unusual Test Is Going Viral


Attending college is a stressful time in a young person’s life, and they often become so focused on getting good grades that they forget to take the time to learn the life lessons that are taught outside of the classroom. One Texas A&M University professor decided to take a different approach to the end of the semester by imparting some sound advice to her students.

Dr. Meg Patterson teaches an undergraduate health course, and she just gave her students a final exam that is warming the hearts of internet users everywhere.

Instead of testing her class on everything they had learned that semester, Patterson decided to emphasize a simple message: be good to people, and be grateful. Analysa Gonzales, one of the students in the class, was so moved by this that she burst into tears.

“Today, I took this test at Texas A&M,” Analysa said. “I cried when I saw what was written on [the] exam. There needs to be more professors like this in the world.”

In the exam, Patterson asked her students to list the people that thankful for, pinpoint the good within themselves, detail their personal growth, and provide constructive feedback on the course.

“Write down a compliment about yourself that is not appearance related,” read one of the questions, with another saying, “By providing your initials here ___, you are committing to reminding yourself of all the good within you. You are amazing. I have a PhD, I totally know what I’m talking about.”

Patterson ended the exam with a heartfelt message of love to her students.

“If there’s one thing I hope you take away from this class, it’s this: be good to people, because everyone is doing their best given their circumstances,” she wrote. “Also, food for though as you navigate through the rest of your college career … take a minute, breathe, and regroup when things don’t go according to plan or don’t follow a perfect formula. Find the resilience and grit within you to accomplish your goals, even when they’re difficult.”

Patterson’s exam has quickly gone viral, touching the hearts of people all over the world. We need more people like Dr. Patterson in the world!