Thank God For This Lady! Watch Her Rescue A Dog Tied To A Tree During A Storm


The man filming this video noticed a dog outside his home by his neighbor’s house, tied to a tree in a horrible storm. He called her to see if she knew the dog and before he could say anything else, she was outside being the good samaritan I’d like to think we would all be.

She noticed he was tied by a rope (what kind of person would do this?!) so she went in to get a knife and cut him free. She then brought him inside so his little body could warm up. Poor little guy!

This video is proof that there are more good people in this world than bad… we don’t have an update on the dog but I sure hope he wasn’t returned to the creep who did this in the first place!

“I did not film the dog for ten minutes before the neighbor arrived to help it. I simply started filming as she was running out to it. I would have helped the poor dog myself if it wasn’t already being helped.”