> The Dog Mom Cuts The Dog's Fur, They Both Regret It At Once

The Dog Mom Cuts The Dog’s Fur, They Both Regret It At Once


There are some dogs out there who need their hair trimmed occasionally. My dogs don’t, and I’m happy I don’t have a dog that needs special care, but if you have a dog that needs to be trimmed from time to time, you probably feel pain from the woman we represent. in this story. As the COVID-19 pandemic has closed so many businesses and people are spending more time at home, many people are starting to cut and dye the hair or hair of their family members, including pets. Now we don’t know if Susana Soares was able to get to the groomer or if she was just trying to save some money, but the results are hilarious.

The dog’s mother is a former stylist, so she thought, “How hard can this be?” and got to work with her handy clipper. We don’t know what Susana is up to right now, but there might be a reason she is no longer a stylist if her dog Mano’s new hairstyle is any indication. The hand often cuts the hair from the eyes, and if he misses a visit to the hairdresser, his hair hangs over his eyes and it becomes difficult for him to see. It is also very frustrating, as you might imagine. So what if mom can’t go to the hairdresser?

Susana Soares

Of course, she had to do it herself. The results show that cool people can do anything because Mano’s problem is definitely solved. However, she probably won’t win any beauty pageants anytime soon. According to Susana, Mano is not a conceited guy, so he doesn’t complain. It looks like me, I’m just happy that my irritating hair is gone. That bangs in front of her eyes should have been annoying, and now she can see even if it looks a little funny.

Susana Soares

Our favorite is the way it looks when it’s all touseled up. He’s a right ladies man, he is. Not bad at all, Mano.