Thieves Try To Siphon Petrol – What They End Up Sucking Out Is Disgusting


Siphoning someone else’s fuel is a major crime, as it means you are stealing something from another person. A group of thieves from Australia recently decided that they would try their hand at siphoning, but it did not work out so well for them.

In the middle of the night in a quiet part of the country, the thieves came upon a tour bus. The criminals then undid the fuel cap and sucked the fuel through a tube to begin the siphoning.

Unfortunately for them, however, the robbers had mistaken the waste tank and the fuel tank, so they were left with nothing but a mouthful of sewage! The thieves immediately fled the scene, and police later found that the fuel tank was completely untouched.

“We can infer they beat a very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth,” said Laverton Police Sen. Sgt Heath Soutar. He added that while police are looking for the thieves, they “have absolutely zero interest” in recovering the stolen goods. I can’t say that I blame them about that!

We’re glad that these no good thieves got hit with the dose of karma that they deserved. Next time, maybe they’ll think twice before they try out siphoning again! We can only hope that the police catch the perpetrators and punish them accordingly for what they did.