They Think Their Wives’ Labor Pain Wasn’t Bad, So They Get Hooked Up To Labor Pain Simulator


Men have often accused women of being “the fairer sex,” implying that the female of the species is somehow incapable of feats of strength and handling the pain and discomfort that comes along with manly pursuits such as combat and manual labor.

Well, two guys just got to find out exactly what women have to go through just to fulfill their “traditional” role as child bearers. As it turns out, anything a guy can do, the gal can do better, and in heels. You have to see this funny video.

According to some women, labor pains are like a box of chocolates: you never know what you are going to get, but the end result is so sweet, it is worth it. Some women describe nearly painless labor, while others say it is like being run over by a bayonet-wielding train on ‘roid rage.

It is also something that no man can truly ever experience. However one doctor is giving guys an idea of what birthing a baby is like, and two brave men just took her up on the challenge.

In this video, two very “bro”-esque guys walk along talking about how women tend to exaggerate just how painful childbirth is, and that men could totally deal with the agony, no problem.

They then walk into an OB-GYN clinic where a doctor has prepared a labor simulation for them. As they lay back on the examination tables, their wives walk in, clutching coffees. The men are then strapped up with electrodes that will stimulate abdominal muscles into contracting, much the way women experience labor.

The guys stop smiling pretty quick as the doctor administers a test does to make sure everything is connected properly.

With the first contraction though, these guys were not fooling around anymore.

“Tell me that was a seven out of ten” says one of them, his wife responded that it was a three.

Before long, the two manly men were curled up, howling, squeezing their wives hands and screaming at them not to laugh.

Of course, while the women did have a certain sense of satisfaction about seeing their husbands finally understand what childbirth is really like, you could still see their love and compassion.

After the session, which did not result in any new mouths to feed, the men were spent. They finally get what women all over the world already know: that having a baby is the hardest most painful thing someone can go through. But it is worth it.

After all the dust settles, one of the men even thanked his mother on camera for going through it to bring him into the world.

So, the next time some guy starts being a blowhard about how weak women are, just remember what Ginger Rogers once pointed out, she could do everything Fred Astaire could do, except backwards, and in heels.

How bad was your labor? Did you resort to anesthesia? If you have more than one kid, was each labor different? Is adoption the way to go? Share your thoughts and stories with us here.