> This Bridge Is So Terrifying That It’s Giving Drivers Panic Attacks

This Bridge Is So Terrifying That It’s Giving Drivers Panic Attacks


Driving is something that many of us do every day, but every once in awhile, we hear a story that makes us feel a bit anxious about getting on the road. Sometimes this story involves a devastating car accident, but other times it’s a story about driving in a place that is particularly unnerving.

Now, photos of a bridge in Japan are going viral, and it’s easy to see why this bridge is giving people a whole lot of anxiety.

The Eshima Ohashi bridge has been dubbed the “Roller Coaster Bridge” because of the unique way that it was constructed. The river that it was built over has a lot of boat traffic, so they wanted to build it high enough to pass over even the largest ships. Driving across this bridge involves going up and down a very steep hill before doing the same thing on the other side.

The pictures are a bit misleading, however, as the maximum slope of the bridge is only 6.1%. While this is still a lot, it’s not quite as scary as it looks in the pictures. Even so, however, the bridge is terrifying enough that it gives some drivers panic attacks.

Thrill seekers come from all over the world just to drive across this bridge, making it one of the top 24 tourist attractions in its city. Officials have ensured the public that driving across the bridge really is safe, and that drivers should not be afraid to make their way across it.

Take a ride across this bridge yourself in the video below!