Tiny Jack Russell Goes Crazy With Excitement At Crufts, Leaving The Announcer In Hysterics


The Crufts dog show is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world. Owners and their dogs take agility courses to show off all the hard work and hours of training they’ve put into perfecting their craft.

The best of the best come to compete in agility tests and dance performances and though some of them aren’t always perfect, each one is certainly entertaining in its own right.

One in particular that caught our eye from last years Crufts was Olly the Jack Russell. Olly had all the enthusiasm and charisma that it takes to be a star. And he certainly was a star, but maybe not in the way the owner intended.


We have to give it to this adorable little Jack Russell, he certainly gets an ‘A’ for effort. But in terms of performance… That’s a different story.

Everybody roots for an underdog, and this is a dictionary definition of a champ in the eyes of the people. Sure, he has quite a big blunder right at the start of his agility test, but that doesn’t dampen his spirits. Oh no, this dog is a fighter!











Despite the hard fall, Olly kept going like a true athlete. In fact, it looks like he’s having the time of his life!

He had everyone in stitches, including the announcers. At some point during the test, it would appear that Olly gave up on the routine and just started winging it and it stole all of our hearts.

Don’t forget to watch Olly the Jack Russell’s hilarious performance at Crufts in the video below.