Tow Truck Driver Spots Old Wreck, But As He Steps Closer His Heart Stops


Tow truck drivers play a very important role in a world that’s filled with automobiles. They can get you to safety when you have a flat tire or dead battery. In a worst case scenario, they can move your car out of the way after a car accident. Recently, one tow truck driver discovered that his purpose in life extended beyond just rescuing cars. Robert Hooper had just arrived to help Janey Smith with her car when fate interfered.

Robert came to the aid of 69-year-old Janey after her gas pedal stopped working, which left her stranded on the side of the highway. Although she didn’t know it at the time, Janey would end up being very grateful that her car had decided to give her problems that day. It was only after Robert started loading her car onto the flatbed of his tow truck that he realized there was an old wreck nearby that had rolled down the side of the steep hill.

When Robert went over to check it out, he saw a badly mangled car, and sadly what he thought was a dead body leaning out of the driver’s side. Robert was suddenly overcome with a flood of emotions. That’s when he heard a low groan! Unbelievable. Had it not been for Janey’s car giving out at that exact spot, these two angels would never have made the shocking discovery. Watch the video below to find out more about this incredible story.