Trey McLaughlin And The Sounds Of Zamar Will Blow You Away With Their Incredible A Capella


There are very few things that impress me more than well-crafted a capella.

I’m not sure what’s more skillful, the synchronicity of the singers, or the fact that the do it all with minimal instrumentals. In the case of Trey McLaughlin and the Sounds of Zamar, it’s a little bit of both.

The group, based out of Atlanta, Georgia, is known for their beautiful arrangements that “exude the awesomeness of the Lord.” Their rendition of ‘Better Is One Day’ certainly falls into that category.

The group with McLaughlin founded after graduating from college, has a poignant, lyrical sound. This unadorned performance of a beautiful praise song bring tender gravitas to Psalm 84:10, which the song is based on.

Remarkably, this video was taken after a Sound of Zamar rehearsal, so the singers had already been exercising their voices for quite a while.

Perhaps even more impressive? This isn’t a pre-set gospel arrangement. You can hear McLaughlin calling out instructions to his singers for various improvisations.

With aplomb, the ‘Sounds’ demonstrate the incredible talent they have for learning all of the different parts to better create a finished arrangement. When they all drop down to the bass line, I am totally blown away!

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