Truck Drivers’ Stop For Dinner Turns Into Emergency Delivery


Kaycee to get help in a roadside diner where her mother was working. She had gone into labor unexpectedly, and the baby was coming. Her mother, however, was already at the hospital. The only people there to help were two truck drivers who Kaycee had never met before.

As panic and fear took over the entire restaurant, the only people who were able to remain calm were these heroic truckers, Peter and Fred, who handled the entire situation with grace and confidence.

Fred stayed on the phone with 911 while Peter proceeded to attempt to deliver Kaycee’s baby. Peter soon realized that the umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around the baby’s neck, and his face was completely blue. The only way to loosen the cord, Peter realized, was to push the baby back inside. Peter, who had no prior birthing experience, was able to successfully deliver and save the life of Kaycee’s newborn. It was an extremely delicate and complicated process, yet this angel in disguise was able to unravel the cord as Fred encouraged Kaycee to keep breathing and pushing.

At the time of delivery, the baby was lifeless. His face was still a frightening blue color. But once Peter pinched his face and breathed air onto his skin, Kaycee finally heard her baby crying. “I don’t like screaming kids, but this was a happy sound,” Peter says.

Fred and Peter — two seemingly tough guys — were bawling like babies themselves. Absolutely beautiful.

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