> Try This Coca-Cola Hair Rinse To Get Amazing Beach Curls

Try This Coca-Cola Hair Rinse To Get Amazing Beach Curls


Youtube beauty guru Ellko tries bizarre and interesting beauty hacks to see if they really work. In this rendition of “Fail or Holy Grail,” Ellko tries the infamous “Coca-Cola Hair Rinse.”

The cola rinse is supposed to turn fine, straight hair into shiny, textured beach curls. The idea is that, when you run out of your usual sea salt spray or texturizing gel, you can open up the fridge and grab a can of Coke instead.

Ellko discovers in the video that theory is absolutely true. With two bottles of Coca-Cola, her hair texture is completely transformed!

Besides being a tasty indulgence, Coca-Cola is a great multitasking product. For example, did you know that you can also clean your toilet and sink with the stuff?

“Frankly, this is something I would actually do because it’s more easier than going over your hair with a waver or braiding it the night before,” Ellko says. “And it’s cheap because it’s Coke.”

Ellko gives the mythical “Coca-Cola Hair Rinse” the holy grail — a thumbs up! “I am really impressed with the results. I really thought my hair would be the same when I washed it out,” she says.

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