Japan is home to many unique animal species, but one of them in particular is especially unusual. You see, while these little fellas might look just like a raccoon, they’re actually something else entirely. Meet… the raccoon dog!

These days, one raccoon dog is capturing the hearts and minds of people all over the world. His name is Tanu, and he loves to sleep.

Tanu is a Japanese raccoon dog, and he’s here to steal your heart.

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When his current owner heard squeaking coming from outside her house, she found Tanu after the little baby was abandoned by his mother. That’s when she took the pup in.

Now, the two are best friends!

Twitter / chibi_tori

Though he’s not an actual domesticated dog, you might not want to tell him that!

Twitter / chibi_tori

Tanu’s name comes from the Japanese term for his species, Tanuki, which is actually a very popular critter in Japanese culture.

Tanukis are thought to bring good fortune to humans and have been featured in everything from Super Mario games to the anime show, Naruto.

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Tanu, meanwhile, is in the middle of what is his hibernation season… and he’s taken quite the liking to the furnace.

Twitter / chibi_tori

In fact, it’s pretty much where he’s been spending most of his time during this long, cold winter.

Twitter / chibi_tori

Can’t say I blame the furball!

Now that looks cozy!

Twitter / chibi_tori

Like your friendly neighborhood raccoon, Tanu is willing to munch on just about anything.

Twitter / chibi_tori

But despite their appearance, raccoon dogs are members of the Canidae family, just like our pet dogs.

Twitter / chibi_tori

Did we mention he likes the furnace?

Since his owner started posting about him on Twitter, Tanu’s popularity has exploded.

Twitter / chibi_tori

And it’s pretty easy to see why!


Now that is one adorable creature! Let’s hope his newfound celebrity doesn’t get in the way of him getting shut-eye he wants this winter!

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