> His two dogs are gentle with 3 year old Toddler, but They Savaged Couples Loved Beagle … What Goes Wrong?

His two dogs are gentle with 3 year old Toddler, but They Savaged Couples Loved Beagle … What Goes Wrong?


A Ridgeback-Staffordshire crossbreed, brown in color and a Bully Kutta that was white mauled a Beagle, called Chester, belongs to a couple who love him very much, the owner of the two bloodthirsty attack dogs says he is sorry!

Chester had big chunks missing from his body after the attack had finished, it all happened on a sports playing field in Eccles, Greater Manchester.

Paul Baxter the owner of the two attacking dogs said that he felt deeply sad about what had happened, he said that the dogs are very gentle with his three year old daughter!

The video of the attack was very hard to watch and quite disturbing, it shows blood pouring from the dog’s mouths while they tear into Chester.

Chester was a gift given to Gary by his wife Jennifer Thornley on their wedding anniversary two years previous.


Tier beloved Chester had been let off his lead to have a run around with his dog walker near the St Patrick’s High School in Winton. I really feel for Chester’s owners, it must be so sad for them right now!

Paul Baxter

Paul Baxter said:

“I’m sorry the dog’s died and for the owners. I’m sorry what the dog walker had to go through and what I’ve put my family through”

“But my dogs have never acted like this before. They are good with other dogs, they are gentle with my three-year-old daughter.”

Chester’s dog walker Janet Payne had said that it was awful watching the poor Chester being thrown around like a ‘reg doll’.

When she asked for help from Paul for help the reply she got the reply:

“Why the f*** wasn’t your dog on a lead?’”

In the video, you can see that before he walks away, Paul Baxter is trying to remove his dog’s jaws off the dog before briskly walking away.

The police for Greater Manchester announced that the two dogs have been seized according to the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991.

Paul Baxter hasn’t been arrested at this moment but the investigation is ongoing, Mrs. Thornley a hospital doctor, 29 years old said that:

“He was the most beautiful boy… ‘He was our best friend, we absolutely love him. He was so friendly, so trusting.”


“I don’t know what we are going to do without him and I’ve never seen Gary like this. When I saw him he was in our kitchen, he had chunks missing from his little body.”

‘I’ve seen the video – those dogs enjoyed it. What if this happens to a child? We need to do something.”

Walking five dogs at the tile Ms. Payne, 39, said:

“I was shouting to Chester to come and I looked up and saw two big dogs with something between them. I just knew. I screamed.”

“I clipped the other dogs to a railing and ran to Chester …He was in the middle of the field being pulled all over the place …the little boy was being torn to pieces.”


Chester died very quickly, he didn’t stand a chance at all!

Mr. Moran wrote on Facebook:

“I was the first passerby on the seen to help this poor woman try to calm down never in my life have I seen utter barbaric scenes …Not only was I walking my Labrador but I stayed with the woman until the police arrived and looked after the other four dogs.”

“My heart goes out to the owners and the dog walker. The dog walker was utterly in bits, I wasn’t leaving her until the police arrived …My heart goes out to the beagle’s owners cant imagine what they must be going through.’”


Ms. Payne also said:

“He just left me screaming in horror with the poor lifeless boy at my feet”

Ms. Payne called the police straight away and Mr. Thornley, a project manager, 28-year-old, who worked for a UK bank Barclays rushed to the scene and found his dog mauled to death on the grass.


Mrs. Thornley said:

“Chester was so funny and made us laugh every day …He followed us everywhere around the house – and if one of us was upstairs and the other downstairs, he’d sit on the top step so he could be between us”


Chester will be very sadly missed, it’s such a shame he was brutally killed by these two savage dogs


All his family and all the people who knew him so well will deeply miss him, he was such a lovely and kind nature.

This one has left me lost for words, but suffice to say, as responsible dog owners we make sure your dogs are safe and behaved enough not to do this kind of thing, but I guess some are not as caring!

Rest in Peace Chester!